Author’s Note: This analysis, interpretation, and all ideas included herein constitute a work in progress culminating as of the published date and time. My perceptions — and therefore my perspectives — frequently change due to new insights from my personal experiences and outside information from books, articles, and other people’s experiences. Constraints and exigencies aside, if there are radical changes to this article, I will update it or post a new one with revisions. Thank you for reading and for your consideration!


Some of you reading this article may be well aware of how the black magicians in our midst use ideograms to effect their “power” over us. I use words such as “power” in quotes to show that most people have come to under-stand (to stand under) the twisted meanings of these words and the “authorities” speaking these words, precisely because of the kind of psychological manipulation I refer to in this and other of my articles.

The black magicians use symbols, sigils, signs, and word-spells everywhere. This is the essence of propaganda, of mind control. They have infiltrated virtually every aspect of society and culture as we know it, including but not limited to Native Tribes in the United States of America. I have seen this up close and in person with regard to the Navajo Nation as recently as August 2021: This tribe is collectively captured, although there may be individual members who remain somewhat free — or as free as one can be within the social constructs of our “reality.”

We can see the influence of these dark occultists (the word occult means “hidden”) in local, regional, national, and international corporations, organization, and governments; in education from pre-K to high-level academia; in large agricultural operations; in medicine and science; in entertainment and sports; in books, magazines, and advertising; and of course, in both official “news” and off-the-record controlled-opposition media (“alt-media”). Most small-town city councils are being run by occultists; city leaders encourage family owned businesses, public institutions, and individual people — especially children — to imitate the socially accepted audio-visual cues. The result? We sacrifice our individual autonomy and our children’s future autonomy to these “authorities,” continually re-creating the controlled chaos of post-modern “life.”

What I am talking about is these CON-TROLL-ers manipulating individual people’s minds, and using them to then manipulate their families, friends, and communities. Do you see what I did therewith the word “control”? These dark occultists are CONS, and furthermore they are TROLLS. They connive amongst themselves to troll us, using our friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and employers, via all forms of media, to stir up increasing levels of enmity, divisiveness, and illusory fear-mongering.

Black magicians disguise all this divisiveness and devastation as “freedom, light, and love.” They tell us, for example, that sending our troops into a foreign country to blow it up is not only “okay,” but “the right thing to do” in the name of “freedom.” How does sending men in to kill people we don’t even know in any way equate to “freedom”? And “freedom” for whom? As another example, they tell us that people are “free” to choose any gender. Is there another one besides “male” and “female”? Because last I checked, the word “gender” comes from the root “gen” which refers to “male and female” and the ability to procreate At the same time, they tell us that we are “not free” to purchase or have delivered to our own homes incandescent light bulbs in California. This is under the guise that incandescent bulbs “use too much energy,” even though trucks can still run 24/7 on dirty diesel fuel, literally spewing poison into the air. Question: How do they get to decide who is “free”? Answer: Because we have been traumatized into giving our power over to them. Their use of “love,” “light,” and “freedom” are concepts of the Divine that they invert for their benefit, and theirs only.

These black magicians operate behind the scenes — like the Wizard of Oz being projected into the sky from behind a curtain in a secret room — and in plain sight — like parents, school principals, insurance agents, and “experts.” They are Satanists and Luciferians. Satanists worship the deities and use the energetic principles associated with Saturn, the planet named to represent “Satan” in Christianity, “Set” in Egyptian religion, and “Archons” of the Gnostic tradition. This energy is dark, negative, constricting, controlling, and all about constant, maximized suffering. Luciferians worship and use exotic technology, bringing to Earth bizarre elements that are both unknown and antithetical to organic life.

These two factions — Satanists and Luciferians (I call them archons or just use the acronym S&Ls) — work together to propagandize ideas, symbols, and illogical, emotion-based conditions that help them to fabricate a cheap, crappy copy of our true Paradise. S&L worshipers comprise an anti-life cult of death. The leaders of this cult use the creativity of living men and women to design mind programming and the machines for disseminating their programs: And we, “ordinary people,” who are almost completely cut off from our sense of sovereignty and Divinity, get tricked, bribed, or coerced into accepting the programming, often with a sense of exhilaration or release, as if a weight has been lifted off us. In recalling the “original trauma,” which I explain in more detail later, it is interesting to note that these programs magically appeal to our distressed souls, offering 1) leaders who would fight for our “freedom,” 2) convenient options for “saving time” in our over-burdened lives, and 3) distraction from the myriad obligations borne of “tradition” to family, community, government, and the world. Examples of such programming are Second Wave Feminism; Hollywood films, tv shows, music, and music videos; processed food; pharmaceutical drugs; and education since the early 1900s.

The only power of these dark occultists is in creating ILLUSIONS that manipulate our mind/body/spirit complex. If we get hooked into giving our energy — especially our fear-based energy — to these illusions, it brings more despair, destruction, and death into the world which we then see as “reality.” In other words, the illusions trick us into creating more negative death-cult energy, which keeps the illusions going. It’s an insidious system.

I have had some recent insights to help break down the deceptive control mechanisms imposed on men, women, and children in everyday life. I have chosen two symbols that I want to explore with you: the cross and the cube. The first is the cross.


The cross has been used ad nauseam throughout history to “re-mind” all people — even those NOT of the Christian religion — that Christ [supposedly] died on a cross. The symbol has been used in films and television, literature and poetry, advertising, and songs to re-mind us that “we all have a cross to bear.” We continually re-live a traumatic event every time we see or think about Christ’s tortured, dying body hanging on the cross. As I will explain, this is intentional.

The cross is a programming symbol choreographed in multiple ways, by corporations, governments and their agencies/agents, and secret societies, all with the sole intention of controlling us with a constant barrage of fear. Most people are unaware of this agenda and the hidden power behind the image of the cross, and so they don’t realize they’re being mentally and spiritually manipulated by it. The implication is that the day-to-day and spiritual lives of these unaware people are being orchestrated by an unseen director — or one in plain sight. When people see even a plain cross, they have been entrained to see a tortured dead or dying man upon it. In other words, they continue bearing witness to the brutal murder of mankind.

Examples of the cross — outside of the obvious religious uses — include but of course are not limited to national flags from all of the Nordic countries; Switzerland; the U.K.; and the Dominican Republic. Corporations like Windows, Chevrolet, Blue Cross, and Exxon use the cross (although interestingly, Exxon’s logo is a double cross). And then there is the obvious Red Cross, which is an international organization that purportedly provides relief to war-torn and other disaster-ridden people. Certain groups and “secret societies” use the cross as emblems and in rituals: Freemasons, Knights Templar, and Rosicrucians, for example.

Here is an excellent blog post showing how the cross has been and is still used throughout the world:

Side Note: Researchers such as Mark Passio (The One Great Work) and Michael Tsarion (UnSlaved) delve deeply into the field of symbology, in addition to other revelatory perspectives and perceptions. I highly recommend reading and viewing their works.


The cross is essentially an unfolded cube: This is the basis for my perspective that I’m sharing in this article. The cube is the second symbol to analyze. Consider that a cube is made up of six squares: One on the bottom, one on the top, and four to make the sides. When you connect the squares on all sides, you create an enclosed shape known as a box or a cube.

Here is a graphic illustration I created to help you visualize how it is done:

The cross is an unfolded square box

There you have it: An unfolded cube is a cross! Here they are next to each other in an image I found on the internet:

But why is this important?


The Great Deception

To dark occultists, the cube is an important symbol. The cube represents a three-dimensional version of the four sides of a square. Just as a two-dimensional triangle becomes a three-dimensional pyramid, the four-sided two-dimensional square becomes a 3D enclosure we know as a cube. All well and good in the world of theory.

But here is where the great deception begins: Squares, and therefore the 3D cube, are not present in Nature. This is because the natural world has no exact corners. But, one may argue, the hexagon is present in the honeycomb! To which I reply: If you look closely at the honeycomb, you can see that its hexagonal pockets are rounded, not squared off. Nature is architected in curves. No matter how pointed a crystal may appear, when we magnify it, we see that its “edges,” however minuscule, undulate. This is because frequency — the principle of Nature — is curvilinear, moving in waves of vibration.

Since Nature is curvilinear, where do objects like pyramids and cubes come from? How do we have square buildings, boxes, and all things made from hard angles? I am not saying that straight lines don’t exist: They clearly do, at least in appearance. I’m saying that I think “box-shaped” objects are non-terrestrial — non-natural — and are therefore exotic technology. They represent a binary system outside of Nature’s harmonious frequencies. This is the system of the archons, the S&Ls.

For example, there are distinct differences between analog audio recordings and digital recordings. Analog recordings transfer the actual physical, moving frequency waves of live sound performances onto physical vinyl discs or magnetic audio tape. Digital recordings transfer the actual physical, moving frequency sound waves (or the pre-recorded analog recordings) into a computer-chip-based binary system of 1s and 0s, which translates to either On or Off. Analog recordings capture the full range of flowing frequencies, whereas as digital recordings capture only a selected range of frequencies which are then translated into modulations of sound-on/sound-off. In this sense, analog recordings are curvilinear, while digital recordings are squared-off and not natural, despite that digital proponents claim to “add back in” the curvilinear aspect, which is entirely untenable due to the selected mitigation of so-called “noise” frequencies. Analog proponents claim that these “noise” frequencies are vital to the beauty of sound and therefore to sound recordings in general.

It doesn’t take a life-long audiophile to hear the distinct difference between analog and digital recordings of the same piece of music. Analog audio is rich in sound because the technology allows for capturing the broadest range of frequencies. These flowing frequencies literally resonate with our physical bodies: We feel the music. Digital audio lacks this richness because very high, very low, and certain mid-range frequencies get lopped off in the binary system — relegated to only zeros, and never to be heard or felt. Who decides which digital “noise” frequencies get zeroed-out?

In sum, digital music is “cube music”: A deliberate deadening or removal of certain frequencies. It is a censorship of information. Who benefits from this sound manipulation?

Here is a simplified view of the difference between analog sound waves and digital sound wave samples:

And so, the cube represents selective removal of information while also representing a place in which to contain and to hide that information and other things.

With the cube, the archons can keep their creepy black magic mumbo-jumbo and astrological-numerological craftwork hidden from “ordinary” people, carrying on unhindered with their social engineering through the manipulation of information, including facts and frequencies. In fact, they have for millennia manipulated people in myriad ways to unknowingly worship and thus give significant amounts of their personal and collective energy to the archons’ malevolent gods and entities. This is the essence of the S&L cooptation of signs, symbols, and sigils for use in programming our minds which then lead our bodies and souls into their destruction-despair-death traps.

I have studied researchers who explain the connection between Saturn the planet and Satanism/Luciferiansim. One hefty article I found is here: Here is another blog post containing similar themes, and the author even shows the cube-and-cross:

Furthermore, I did a speed-read through Norman Bergrun’s book, The Ringmakers of Saturn. In it, the author lays out photographic and scientific evidence that accurately shows Saturn’s rings containing stunningly large Electromagnetic Vehicles (EMV’s) believed to part of a massive power-generating machine. Here is Paul A. Phillips’ concise explanation of this mechanism as posted on the blog

“It has been said that in the matrix control system, Saturn is the “mainframe computer” powered up by our sun’s photonic energy. Then Saturn sends out information which is received by our Moon acting as some kind of interface modular system. The moon, in turn, sends communication signals to Earth using virtual instrumentation, producing the simulated information; the fake reality that we receive and believe to be real.

The assimilation of this fake reality inside the inescapable matrix has been used as a platform for those seemingly never ending cycles related to reincarnation suffering, death, disease, and famine….”

Based on new research materials along with millennia-old texts and Native Peoples’ oral accounts, these authors all concur that the Satanic/Luciferian wanna-be-gods will stop at nothing to continue siphoning off our divine energy through their sophisticated but evil psycho-spiritual scheme.

It is my current inner-standing that all that changed when Christ Energy (uncorrupted crystalline frequency of The Divine) became embodied here on Earth in the soul of a man known as Jesus, or Yeshua. Christ’s message was that evildoers are manipulating our individual and collective consciousness through all manner of lies, trickery, and violence — and that we need to free ourselves from the bondage by seeking the Divine Kingdom within.

The “creative editors,” shall I say, of the Bible needed to change just enough of the story of Christ’s raison d’etre, his death, and his resurrection in order to continue torturing and enslaving the hearts, minds, and souls of men, women, and children. Because the cross and the crucifixion of Christ are embedded in our collective psyche — especially in the religious beliefs of many individuals — I have been exploring deeply how to better evaluate it all, to bring to light the great deception. I have synthesized the works of many scholars, some of whom I mentioned earlier, as well as the musings of lay persons of great intelligence and my own intuitive notions to arrive at the following analysis and interpretation.

The Narrative Analysis

First and foremost, I refute the idea that “God” sent Jesus Christ as a sacrifice. This faulty logic would only hold true for people who believe in a Divine Creator that is NOT TRULY DIVINE. A Creator of Pure Love would not force His/Her Creation — that is, you, me, Jesus, and every other ensouled being — to experience pain, suffering, or “death” as we have been entrained to view it. If the Prime Creator is indeed Divine, He/She would have no “thoughts” of anything but all the things we know that make life worth living: Joy; dancing; singing; creating music and art; gardening and otherwise enjoying nature; loving our families and friends; feeling the warmth of the sun; and communing with the stars.

Only a cruel, loveless, perverted creator would demand that his/her/its so-called “amazing rock-star child” should live a life of torture, isolation, and humiliation, then die a horrible death. Are you with me? A loving God wouldn’t force their child away from home to endure this hell . . . but a sick “wanna-be god” surely would.

What I’m getting at here is that, while there are kernels of Truth and pearls of wisdom in biblical texts, the story we’ve been told of Jesus Christ is mostly a lie. I think that a spark of The Eternal God used his own free will to incarnate here as “the son of God” and help us get out of this hellish Matrix. I think that he came here knowing what to expect because he’d “been around the block” enough times that he figured out the archons’ system. And what is that system?

It’s the Karmic Recycling Program, designed to trick souls into coming back to Earth. Why do we need to be deceived into coming here and being subjected to [almost] complete memory loss of the trickery? Because insane wanna-be rulers ruined the real, intentional Paradise — in which our original, pure love energy, crystalline-structured Light Being ancestors resided — and turned it into Prison Planet. No one would gladly come here if they knew the constant hardship, inequity, and despair they would have to endure. These soulless non-beings set up this Matrix — a holographic nightmare, covering up our true world —  and they’re still doing it for one reason: To feed off our Divine energy and try to manipulate us into permanently separating our spirits/souls from our consciousness so they can “exist” here forever and not have to go to entropy. But all that wouldn’t sound so good in the “Come to Earth!” brochure.

A bit of backstory here:

These archon non-beings were somehow corrupted like errant thought-forms and they chose to leave the Living Eternal Prime Creator. Or, perhaps — and this makes equally as much if not more sense — the Creator expelled them and that’s why they are so incensed and bent on retaliation. This decision meant that they were moving immediately out of existing as free, living, loving beings of light, endowed with eternal life, and into entropy, a frozen state of nothingness. On their way to entropy, they saw the Paradise known as Earth and decided to crash land, donning AI suits to cover their non-beingness, and see if they could get some life-sustaining energy again. Once they arrived in a most disruptive way, causing a massive planetary cataclysm, the shell-shocked Light Beings — who were previously unaware of pain, destruction, and death — saw the reflection of their own light on the fake “bodies” of these invaders. In their horror and confusion, they were manipulated into seeing incorrectly that real “Gods” had arrived. This has been called “The Original Trauma.”

These lying “gods,” who desire to be obeyed, worshiped, and fed a constant stream of our energy, well, they had it made in the shade for millennia. They hid the Truth and their dirty secrets inside cubes wrapped with shiny paper and topped with perfect bows. They erected an elaborate hierarchical system of masters and slaves: Rich and poor; owners and renters; divine rulers and the unwashed masses; Popes and plebes. They burned written historical accounts and pertinent works of art . . . along with most of the people skilled in passing on history in the oral as well as written tradition. Then the Christ Consciousness became embodied in the man known as Jesus, and everything changed.

(Yes, I know that this may be a lot to comprehend. So perhaps it’s a good time to put on some tea or walk around the park and let it all sink in: We’ve been lied to about who we are, where we are, and why we are here; and we’ve been robbed of our amazing history and almost entirely cut off from our spiritual awesomeness as Divine Creator Beings. To call the original trauma “the fall of man” is like saying a person who was shoved off a cliff “pushed himself”; It’s utterly ridiculous.)

The Narrative, The Cube, and The Cross

So Christ Consciousness came intentionally and became ensouled in the body of a man named Jesus. He spoke metaphorically and poetically about overcoming evil, both in the world and in one’s own being, in order to “get right” with the real Creator. Despite the churches telling them they were born into sin, Jesus called this out as a lie: People were not evil unless they perpetrated evil, and even if they did commit a wrong, they could make amends and still enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He advised them to rise to their higher selves and to seek the Kingdom of Heaven within, not through churches, other people, or material things. He put his body on the line, confronting injustice, manipulation, slavery, and all other forms of abuse, knowing full well that the master manipulators would seek him out and make him a “role model for how to get tortured.” But — and here is what I question with the official narrative — DID THEY ACTUALLY KILL HIM?

Is not this the same game the CONs play today? They single out a whistleblower who is put “on display.” He or she is publicly shamed as a “traitor” and quickly discredited with [falsified] evidence of a horrific crime such as sexual abuse, or embezzling exorbitant amounts of money from innocent investors. The politician puppets and media presstitutes read scripts handed to them prior to their performances on the “press conferences” and “news” shows, vilifying the whistleblower for all the world to see. There are kangaroo court trials which drag on for months and even years, keeping this one person front-of-mind for viewers, who quickly choose sides as to believing his/her guilt or innocence. Few minds are changed. Those who see the whistleblower as guilty demand the harshest punishment. Sometimes, as in the cases of JFK, MLK, John Lennon, et al, they are “assassinated” — or ARE they??

I have seen videos and photographs of such “assassinated individuals” as JFK, whose image quite remarkably resembles that of President Jimmy Carter at the age Kennedy would have been in those years. And I recently saw video footage of a man performing music and poetry as a John Lennon impersonator . . . who looks and sounds exactly like Lennon. If we laugh off these “coincidences,” I feel that we are bypassing one of the most important aspects of the archons: They openly mock us.

To this point: The official story goes that Jesus was betrayed by Judas and that led to him being interrogated, brutally tortured, and nailed to a cross to die outside while continuing to be tortured by enemy passersby. Then, because he was God’s son, he was discovered to be alive — “resurrected” — on the following Sunday, three days after his death. Did he really “die”? If so, was it actually him? Or was the whole thing an elaborate, cruel joke, a false flag timed perfectly to distract deeply traumatized followers of Christ as well as those who wanted to see him dead, all so the archons could pull off some other tragedy such as a full-blown war or other kind of genocide?

Or was the story concocted by churches — centuries after the supposed incident — during such a genocide. This is similar to how the myth of “evil marauding Vikings” came into the collective consciousness. It was actually the S&L Catholic Church that hired mercenary soldiers to rape, pillage, and murder the Nordic people and then burn down their villages. The remaining Viking men then sought revenge throughout Christianized Europe to reclaim their stolen riches (and enslaved wives and children). This history comes from The Bock Saga, one of the few books recounting what was previously only passed down in the oral tradition.

Have the current century’s archons ever pulled off such an elaborate, cruel joke as a false flag, like, say, 9/11? Or Pearl Harbor? Or the Bay of Pigs? Or any of the innumerable mass shootings in the United States? The answer is YES, yes, they have. So why would these secret society, dark occult bloodline people be any different THEN as opposed to NOW? The answer: They wouldn’t be any different, because there is only one “playbook” that they follow: One of lies and deception, inflicting cruelty and immense suffering, while openly mocking us. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

So in questioning the entire narrative, what can we surmise?

We can trust our instincts and say that Jesus Christ opened the cube of secrets. He didn’t rip the box open like a sugar-cookie-crazed kid on Christmas morning; he didn’t have to do it like that because Christ Consciousness IS TRUTH. All he had to do was tell people, colloquially speaking of course: “Let me tell you about this cube you see everywhere. It’s the same cube that the priest genuflects to on the altar; the same cube that the banker uses for money-changing; the same cube that the taxman uses to stash the fruits of your labors. The cube is to steal your money, your energy, your joy, and your memories. Maybe even to steal your children.” People started to question the cubes and the cube-holders. They started to change their ways, clean up their lives, and find real joy again — and the archons didn’t like it. Not one bit.

And so the soulless, humorless wanna-be rulers said to their soulless puppets in the churches, banks, and media: “Let’s use the symbol of the unfolded cube to torture and murder that troublemaking Jesus Christ. It’ll be a clear sign to others to never again CROSS us.” So did the murder actually happen? Maybe Christ lived a typically short life for that time period and returned to God with no torture and no crazy resurrection, except as told by the “creative editors” of the Bible, who also happen to be the archons.

And isn’t it interesting that the official story says “Jesus lived to be 33 years old”? Thirty-three is the “master number” of these archontic, Satanic/Luciferians who are known collectively as Freemasons. Yes, it is interesting, indeed. Once again, this biblical narrative openly ridicules us, showing another one of the archons’ symbols in plain sight.

They could only rule over us through deception, distraction, and violence or the vague threat of violence, and they knew it. So they built a bunch of other lies around a kernel of truth — that is, the cross — and that is how they continue the manipulation on Earth.

The scripted version of Jesus Christ is just close enough to the truth that, over centuries, billions upon billions of people believe it. They pray to Jesus (even though he said not to do that!) and they plan upon their death to meet him “in the light” for their redemption, with all the angels welcoming them into “heaven.” They do not realize that, upon “death,” our soul projects our true light energy out into the aether, only to be cast upon the traitorous Karma Kreeps Klan, whose job it is to bombard us with such immense shame and guilt for the unpaid “debts” to people, animals, nature, and society that our discombobulated soul desires to alleviate the suffering we allegedly caused, so we return to “make amends” in yet another life filled with suffering.

The real Christ came to tell us that we have been and continue to be traumatized, and how to stop the cycle.


Christ energy embodied in the man named Jesus. He OPENED the cube of black magic SECRETS, creating the CROSS. The archontic black magicians — which are non-beings supposed to be on their way to ENTROPY — used a faked story and eventually cajoled artists to create paintings and statues of Christ on the cross to symbolize the penance of torture and death for revealing The Truth, so that an already traumatized humanity would NOT WANT TO BE LIKE CHRIST JESUS. They would rather bow their heads, take their meds, and retire to their beds in a death-like existence which is an aberration of what was given to us as THE GIFT OF LIFE from the One Eternal Living Creator. The people squander their gift in FEAR — False Evidence Appearing Real — and repeat the cycle over and over and over.

Christ didn’t die on the cross; he created the cross by refusing to accept the covert lies and other perverted manipulations of the black magicians.

Life is for the LIVING. I encourage you to do your inner work of individuation and maturation. Search your soul and ask your Inner Guide (your Inner God) to help you find a way to where, who, and what you really truly are or want to be, and what you want to do — on Earth now and after you pass from this realm. And while you are here, I encourage you to share your perspectives, perceptions, and insights with others, in your own way. I’m doing it through my research, writing, music, art, teaching, cooking, and conversations. I don’t have all the answers, but I will continuing seeking Truth, Love, and Freedom until I have all the answers I need.

Thank you for reading!


On Individuating, Healing, and Becoming a Whole, Healthy Human

My Response to Jessica Valenti’s piece on Medium entitled “We Can’t Afford Another 4 Years of ‘Me Me Me’ Politics”

Signs that we are in a spiritual war, one that can only be acknowledged through the question:
Who stands to benefit from this proposition?

(NOTE: Jessica’s post is a quick read, if you want to get the full context of my reply.)

Jessica, it’s difficult to have a conversation with a Medium writer who never responds to her commenters, and the one I’m starting with you here is a bit of a diatribe, I admit. But I’m curious:

What makes you think that “living in a civilized society means working for the health and happiness of everyone in it”?

And if that is your ultimate goal, who gets to define exactly how everyone achieves health and happiness? Is one definition sufficient to cover the nearly 8 billion people on the planet? Does this seem rational or reasonable? Who is the “we” in your article title deciding on what constitutes ‘me, me, me’ politics, and who thus should define what “the greater good” entails?

What if the person defining “working for the health and happiness of everyone” said that everyone must eat cantaloupe every day because cantaloupe is beneficial to health, except that ten percent of the world’s population were severely allergic to it? What if the definer/decider said that they would mandate everyone to take experimental drugs to supposedly correct these allergic conditions? Do you think it would be fair to force those ten percent to take the drugs and eat cantaloupe anyway? If your child was allergic to cantaloupe, would you automatically get the drugs, or would you do some research and try to find a way around this mandate if you found that the drugs had caused harm to others? Would this extend to you “giving a shit about others” (your phrase) — that is, would you approve that others are forced to take experimental drugs, or even drugs that are deemed ‘okay’ by someone else’s standards? Whose standards would you accept as legitimate, and why?

What if the person defining “working for the health and happiness for everyone” decided that everyone must wear a special robe when they are in public, because the definer/decider thinks this piece of clothing has a magical quality that gives wearers the power to ward off all forms of evil? What if some people didn’t believe in these magical qualities or powers and they wanted to wear their own favorite clothing, not the robe? Would you non-judgmentally let them do their own thing, or start yelling at them in public to shame them? What if you also questioned the magical qualities and powers but didn’t tell anyone, so you kept wearing the robe just to avoid inconvenience, or actual consequences? What do you think would be fair to do to the rule-breaking people? Keep them from being in public perhaps, or simple allow others to berate them and run them back home, or maybe fine them every time they went outside their home without the robe? What if your mother or best friend refused to wear the robe in public? Should anyone be exempt? Who? Why?

What if someone else decided they were going to start making the rules instead of the first person? What if the new decider now defining “working for the health and happiness of everyone” said that no one was allowed to eat pasta ever because the decider believes that pasta is “the devil’s food” and threatens safety and security? What if rule-breakers had their livelihoods taken from them and were fined or even jailed? Would you eat pasta anyway, knowing that you were going against this new rule? How would you do it? Go to the dark web for pasta, or start making your own in a secret room in your house? Or would you follow the rule, despite your lifelong passion for eating pasta? Would you applaud, either privately or publicly, when others lost their jobs, their family businesses, their writing careers because they defied this new rule?

Who gets to decide on the definition of “working for the health and happiness of everyone,” Jessica — or even that such a concept is reasonable?

Is this notion truly just? Is this social construct an inalienable “right” (defined as something that does not cause harm to a sentient being), or is it a “wrong” (defined as something that does cause harm)? Who gives us our rights? Authority figures? Or do they come from a Divine source? If we do not have individual rights as men and women here on Earth, and we are constantly sacrificing for the “greater good,” are we truly free? Do you think freedom is good and right, or is it bad and wrong? Is freedom conditional? Do you think that we should be enslaved to one another — and to a “ruler” — as part of this cult-ural “greater good” imposition? Is that the kind of world you want to live in, where one person’s happiness is immediately another person’s misery? If so, how is this “right” by any stretch of imagination and reason?

These are the kinds of scenarios that mature people have either been through or thought through in the arduous psychological work of healing their traumas, of individuating from the cult-ural hive mind, and of learning to take excellent care of their bodies, minds, and souls. Mature people, rightly, don’t feel they owe anything to infantilized people who sit around, waiting for government, pharmaceutical companies, and other “authorities” to fix their problems.

I think you know that I’m not talking about turning away from the elderly in care homes, or from infants born to drug-addicted parents. But if an adult person chooses to eat nutritionally poor food, never exercises, ingests a bunch of pharmaceutical drugs, becomes diseased, and then blames society or bad DNA for that, how, exactly, am I personally responsible for taking care of them? And I really do want to hear your answers to that question.

Being an individual whose self-care comes first does not make me narcissistic: It makes me mature, because I can’t truly help others if I’m in a shambles, can I? In fact, I DO CARE for people. I endeavor to share scientifically proven, experiential facts about nutrition, psychological well-being, and creativity. These aspects of human health are defunded, de-platformed, and discredited frequently by powerful industries. True health, a component of maturity, is largely ignored by the masses, who much prefer 1) pills, “injectables,” and fad diets to eating a healthful, mostly whole-food plant-based diet. The mind-controlled masses also 2) watch mainstream tell-a-vision news, movies, and social media instead of doing the hard work of researching, improving themselves, creating their own art, and forging a unique path to maturity.

In other words, most people consume what the cult-ure tells them is satiating and entertaining instead of fixing their psychology and taking care of their bodies. They don’t think for themselves. They don’t explore alternative ideas. They don’t buck the system, question authority, or follow their heart. They’re killing themselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually. And yet, Jessica, you and so many other folks demand that I step in and provide some kind of solution.

The problem is that these people clearly DO NOT WANT my solution. They want to carry on with eating rich-tasting foods that come with extreme costs, telling themselves that it is normal and natural to have a heart attack or get cancer. They want to continue entertaining themselves to death, telling themselves that they are meant to live a false New (c)Age life of “constant joy,” while berating me because I won’t protect them from the diseases and disappointments that they bring on themselves. How much more “me, me, me” can they get? These people hate me because I refuse to be responsible for something I was never given: THEIR FREE WILL. I’ve got my own free will, thank you very much, and I’ve got my own work cut out for me in learning to properly exercise that free will.

So, Jessica, my choosing to not wear an identity-concealing self-suffocating device (face mask) is because I am healthy in body, mind, and spirit when I am free to be myself. And I intend to stay that way, rather than cut off my own oxygen supply, take in excessive carbon dioxide, and breathe through a wet, bacteria breeding ground. Yes, this means I am self-ish, because I actually have a self, which I have worked very hard to mature into and which I will sacrifice for no one and nothing unless I choose to do so.

I would, for example, choose to make certain sacrifices if I were a mother, protecting my child, for I would be responsible for my helpless baby. But do you seriously want me to come to your house every 15 minutes to check on you through the night, as I would do for my own infant? Should I treat my fellow human beings like 10-year-olds, stomping up to them in the grocery store and telling them to drop the candy bar and grab an orange instead? How about if I act like everyone is 16, and I approach them in public or even go to their homes, scolding them to practice abstinence with their date? Sure, those are simple examples, but I’m trying to show that what you are advocating for is adults treating each other as helpless, or dumb, or about to do something regrettable — or all of the above.

That’s not the world I want to live in, nor the one I am working to create, and that’s why I spend so much time writing responses to your posts that you will probably never read [but Medium “Trust & Safety” globalist lapdogs will]. Because, at least if I’m going to share my thoughts with you, it’ll be in a way that you can decide if you give a shit about me and my freedom, or if you just want to hang out, high in your cushy tower, and try to enslave both of us with your “officially sanctioned” definition of “working for the health and happiness of everyone.”

Meanwhile, enjoy eating pasta whenever you please. If it sounds ridiculous to entertain the notion that rotini, linguine, and sedanini can be taken from you in the same way other freedoms are — by certain people defining “the greater good”—then you have conveniently forgotten about slavery, prohibition, Kristallnacht, and, more recently, the cruel, life-crushing COVID-19 measures being foisted on humanity from the same controlling forces that bring constant war, poverty, starvation, debt, and destruction to the world.



(This article was originally written and published by me on in late 2020 or early 2021. The Medium platform “Trust & Safety” committee began monitoring me and my posts since late 2020 — after I began questioning the mainstream scripted CV-19 narrative — and the globalists’ lapdogs eventually closed my account to the public in early April 2021.)

After witnessing months of desperation, destruction, and de-humanization under a fake pandemic perpetuated by globalists and their psychopathic cushy-job-holding puppets around the world, my heart is officially broken and I have had it with comfort-seeking Covid compliers. The sheer amount of fear-based ignorance on display is off the charts, and that is unacceptable when we have information literally at our fingertips to help educate ourselves about what is going on with CV-19.

Here is a question for readers who’ve made it this far: What makes you blindly trust government and “authorities”?

Did you answer, “I don’t blindly trust them”? Then I have to call out a lie when I hear one if you 1) wear a face mask because you’re afraid of viral transmission; 2) shut down or limited your business and enforce face mask wearing/social distancing on employees and shoppers; 3) kept your kids in any school where they are forced to social distance, wear face masks and/or face shields, not share anything, and constantly use hand sanitizer; 4) practice social distancing and accept the lock-downs; 5) voluntarily get tested for Covid; and/or 6) have already been vaccinated, or plan to get vaccinated or to vaccinate your children. In other words, if you do any or all of those six activities, you either blindly trust “authority” or you are a coward. I didn’t want to call you a liar and a coward right off the bat, but it was bound to come out sooner than later.

If you haven’t noticed before, I’ll let you in on a “conspiracy.” But it’s a conspiracy that is not a theory: Government and its sanctioned “authorities” lie to you, psychologically manipulate you, and extort you, over and over and over. They started long ago by operating a nearly constant, distracting, fake, divide-and-conquer scheme in which you “must” choose between one slave master or another, even if your desired master doesn’t “win.” This scheme is not legitimate: They choose the winners. After that came the invention of tv, or “tell-a-vision,” which was actually created as a medium for mass mind control. (Hey, they don’t call it “programming” for nothing.) Then they devised a scheme to extort you of the fruits of your hard-earned labor through a laundry list of taxes and fees but they do not use the stolen money to truly benefit you — only to extort you even more. If you refuse to pay, they use coercion and abject violence to rip it from you — or lock you in a cage. They use your stolen money to set up things like indoctrination camps known as public schools, wherein they force your children to sit for hours every day, learning their selected pieces of “information” which can mostly be described as propaganda. And yet you cast your vote for these illegitimate criminals every time, as if there is no other alternative to this heartless ruse against humanity.

With CV-19, government, its minions, and other “authorities” have introduced and continue to perpetuate a fake pandemic based on a fake virus that you discover you are fake-infected with via a test that doesn’t test for infection. The symptoms are exactly like the flu, and just like with the flu, the recovery rate is 99.98% unless you are already ill or elderly and frail. Still, the “authorities” shut down people’s livelihoods, and you let them. They told us to wear face masks everywhere, and you wear them. They said to stand on dots in the stores to “stop the spread” of this virus that does not exist, and there you are on your dot. They told us not to gather or make music, not to hug or hold hands, and you comply, shaming people for simply living their lives. They tell us we’re all dirty and diseased, and you believe it. We’re being told that hundreds of thousands of people are dying from Covid-19, and yet deaths by heart attack, cancer, and pneumonia are all but gone from their records. Why? Because they have slyly re-categorized almost every death as a “Covid” death, even if a person died from heart failure. Actually, officials came on tell-a-vision repeatedly and told you exactly how they’re shifting all causes of death into the Covid category if only on the assumption that the deceased person had some of the “symptoms,” and you ignore that dark magic in plain sight. They conveniently fail to remind us that we extorted taxpayers are footing the bill for ALL OF THIS. They use words like “mandate,” and make it sound like there are laws forcing you to comply — but there are no such laws. This has been going on for the better part of a year, but you’re STILL not questioning it or getting angry at the tyrannical abuse, and if you ARE pissed off, you’re masking up and staying silent about it, which is helping exactly no one . . . and hurting everyone.

In short, your compliance signals to the psychopaths to keep going with this trauma.

Our elderly are being kept from seeing and hugging their families — for month after month — and they are dying from lack of love. People in need of life-saving medical procedures have put them on the back burner because they’re afraid of “getting the Covid” in the hospital, or they’ve been shamed into feeling like a useless eater compared to the much-lauded Covid cases. New mothers are forced to, or perhaps choosing to, wear a face mask around their newborn, removing the humanness of the mother’s smile and normal sounds of her voice during the most crucial bonding time in the baby’s life. In order to maintain their jobs, teachers, rehabilitation therapists, nurses, janitors, food service workers, and other government employees are being force-tested with a taxpayer-funded procedure that is horribly misused by “authorities” to create “cases” out of thin air — in other words, the “tests” are a lie. But you still keep telling everyone to shut up and wear a mask until there is no more death by Covid. What about the deaths from suicide after mothers and fathers can no longer pay the rent or feed their families, or after college students, many already far from their loved ones, realize they are trapped and isolated like lab rats and end their lives? Healthy people are becoming mentally and physically ill from the constant bombardment of fear-porn propaganda and color-coded restriction methods put in place by governments. These arbitrary, cruel measures being “mandated” by “authorities” are sickening and killing people.

What have you become that you accept these realities without compassion?

Now I’m sick. I am sick of your virtue signaling and your holier-than-thou attitude with regard to wearing face masks that come in a box printed with a warning that they do not protect against viruses and most pathogens — including Covid-19. On the box. Have you spent five minutes researching anything about face masks and viral transmission? No? Well, I have, and I found that there are no (read: ZERO) properly done, reputable scientific studies showing that face masks are effective at stopping viral transmission. That’s right, there is no proof, while many of the studies proving mask ineffectiveness and health dangers have been expunged from the annals of Science™. And yet you have the smug self-righteousness to wear a face mask everywhere, railing against those of us who don’t because we know the truth and aren’t afraid of a virus that does not exist. The CDC even said it doesn’t exist on page 39 of a recent 50+ page document. Of course they buried it. Did you think they would put that tidy tidbit in the opening paragraph? CDC: “Here’s our latest proof of the rampaging killer virus: Yeah, we still got nothing.” Somewhere in all of this cover-up and manufactured consensus is the truth.

Remember the truth? It’s that thing where, if you tell a lie, your parents or teacher or other sane adult would call you out on that lie and try to get you to tell the truth to help set the situation right after you fucked it up. Guess what? You’re fucking up again. Masks don’t work to stop transmission of viruses, especially viruses that don’t exist. Standing on a dot on the floor in Walmart doesn’t make you immune to the Covid, it makes you an idiot because you’re giving up your ability to distinguish truth from bullshit. Come on. You can’t smell it? That’s because you’ve been swimming in crap your whole adult life and never bothered to question why the world stinks. Or maybe you DID question for a while, but you got shut down by “authorities,” and you gave up on truth-seeking for the false comfort of ignorance. Well, hey. I’m here to tell you that it’s time to strap on the old BS sensor again, and tout suite, mon ami. We are running out of time.

That’s right. While you’ve been wallowing in your blissful idiocy, swigging RockStar drinks, binge watching on Netflix, and shopping for fancy face muzzles, people with nefarious agendas have been studying you and your pathetic, infantilized psychology. They watch you entertain yourself into a spiritual slumber, satiating your senses with pleasures and distractions, just as you are now: Hoping for a vaccine to keep you from having to take responsibility for your own body and mind. A vaccine that will allow you to carry on eating the same harmful foods that compromise your immune system so that it can no longer keep you healthy and vital. A vaccine that will allow you to shift yourresponsibility onto your tax-paying neighbors, since Pfizer and Moderna aren’t developing serums with their OWN billions of dollars (which they have also siphoned off the tax coffers). So, you’ll be off the hook in your own childish mind, but those jabs are going to take a toll on you.

Do you even know what ingredients make up one of these new “messenger” vaccines? Here are some of the old tried-and-true ingredients: aluminum, thimerosol (mercury), animal cells, and human fetal tissue. But wait! There’s more with the mRNA poison darts: Hydrogels made of nano-lipids containing toxic polyethylene glycol (found in antifreeze) to soften your tissues, making it easier for nanotechnology to splice your DNA with computer chips and exotic ingredients which will all effectively make you no longer truly human. After the second or third round, your body will be unable to reject the nanotechnology. If you develop illness, you will always have to rely on more injections and pills to try to heal you, but you’ll never be “healed” because that is what your Creator-designed immune system does when you take care of it. On the other hand, nanotechnology, vaccines, and pills are designed by human-loathing experimenters to treat you like a machine, and, after the vaxx, you will be a machine. Permanently connected to the Internet of Things, to AI via NeuraLink, your “data” will be uploaded and other “data” downloaded. Don’t want that particular programming? Too late to reject that, your decision was made when you accepted the first jab.

You will be chipped and tracked, and your every purchase, word, and movement monitored. Thinking of a weekend in the woods to connect with nature? Probably not any more, as your thoughts will no longer be your own, but on the off-chance your last bits of free-thinking slip through the techno-cracks, expect some bizarre turns of events. Because you’re no longer in charge of your life: You turned over the car and the keys to the same authorities who you believed because they promised an easy trip with their vaccine. These nanotech implants have been patented, too, so now you are literally owned by the patent holders. It’s slavery on a whole new level.

Now imagine that you’ve made this decision for your whole family. Your spouse died after the third round from an ugly, never-before heard of disease. Your college kid tried to commit suicide last month and is now under constant surveillance in a government “facility” where you cannot visit her. Your oldest teenager gained a hundred pounds in less than a year and has a host of health problems that the “doctors” are “working on” with pills, more vaccines, and invasive surgeries. Your other teenager is hooked on heroin and lives on the streets in a nearby metro area. You work for the state, heading up a project that puts “boots on the ground,” going door-to-door to find people who opt out of the vaccination and proselytize to them, offering them cash, jobs, and other incentives to get the jab. You get hefty bonuses for people who take the jab on the spot.

If you think I’m making this up for clicks, you are wrong. Well, except that if the article was read seriously by a lot of people, the doomsday scenario would not happen — at least I’d hope that people would be enraged enough to defend their very humanity from tyranny. But who am I? Just a bright-eyed musician and writer whose axis is not safety and security but truth and freedom. I’m not ashamed of who I am, and so I will live free or die trying. For if I have security but not freedom, I will simply exist at the mercy of the tyrants. Yet if I have freedom but not security, I will live fully, regardless of tyrants and their false promise of security. I choose freedom.

So yeah, I have had it with your obsequious obedience. No one is promised a life without risks, so why are you childishly falling for this scam of safety-and-security ensuring measures? Every one of you adhering to and advocating for the “mandates” are complicit in the depression, destruction, and deaths caused by the perpetrators of this fake pandemic. My compassion for compliers exists, but whereas I used to give it automatically, now it has to be earned, and here’s how:

Take off that ritual shaming muzzle, open up your business, hug your kids (after you extricate them from the state indoctrination camps), and breathe freely through the rest of your life like you only have today, because that’s all that each of us truly has. Oh, and share this article with someone you love who needs a wake-up call. We can bring this House of Covid Cards down as soon as we choose freedom.